Daniel Hirsch

Daniel Hirsch

Journalist, copywriter, go-getter

When not a dramatic writing MFA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, I'm an essayist and news-reporter. I've covered local real estate controversies, online dating, LGBT history, and more.

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Genevahawk article

One Fire in a Real Estate Empire Rife with Issues

A long form, investigative piece following a fire that displaced 65 people and killed one.

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I Was a Gay Extra on HBO’s New Gay Show Looking

Long form personal essay about being an extra on HBO's "Looking." Explores issues of sexuality, media representation, and gay bars.

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Confessions of a TaskRabbit Butler

A personal essay about the trials and travails about being a 21st century butler.

980 shannon article
the Bold Italic

On Being an OkCupid Ghostwriter

Humorous personal essay detailing my experience as a personal ghostwriter for a strangers online dating persona.

Nieto1 article

Five Months After Nieto Killing, New Witnesses |

Longform news feature exploring the slow-going investigation after an officer-involve shooting in San Francisco.

Open uri20140620 20487 1g180df article

Affordable Housing Construction in Limbo

In depth analysis of the political and economic hurdles delaying the construction of affordable housing in San Francisco's Mission District.

Estanoche sepia article

R-Rated and Ephemeral: Spinning LGBT History

Longform feature about efforts (and opposition) to commemorate sites of historic significance to LGBT community.

Val19good article

Enter the Void: New Buildings, Vacant Storefronts

Part 1 of a series exploring vacant storefronts in one San Francisco's poshest shopping districts.

Hq2 620x400 article

Where New Tech Arrives, Old Tech Once Roared

Long form historical piece about a beloved printing press in San Francisco's Mission District.

Beier article

The Lexington Club, Panel by Panel

A short profile on comic book artist documenting the last lesbian bar in San Francisco's final days.

Deararizona hero article
the Bold Italic

Open Letter from SF to Arizona: Stop the Crazy

Humor piece about Arizona's "turn away the gay" laws.

Open uri20140415 17327 ftobsv article

Listen Local: Lauren Smiley on Mission Street

Short podcast segment featuring local author exploring the development of an iconic stretch of San Francisco.

Sexy gay trio 900 article
the Bold Italic

The 10 People You'll Meet at Pride - The Bold Italic - San Francisco

The 10 People You'll Meet at Pride - The Bold Itali...

Open uri20140415 24113 cgpuff article
the Bold Italic

The Next Experimental Performance to Sell Out ASAP

Dark clouds gathered over theater company We Players 2013 production of Shakespeare's Macbeth — and that was perfect. The company specializes in “site-integrated” performances in…...


"Another Hole in the Head" - HowAboutWe

Marketing copy for cult film festival experience.